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DC Trash Running

The DC Trash Running Group originating in 2009, an outreach project by Atayne, has provided many Washington DC parks and trails with a cleaner look.   Runners begin at a central location, bags and gloves in hand, and trek out a course of between 2 to 3 miles.   Participants collectively run, and then walk back to the starting location, picking up glass bottles, soda cans, and other various items along the trail.  The group recycles as much as possible and the rest is placed in trash bins/dumpsters along the course.

“It’s a great way to first meet new people, second get in a good run, and third clean up the environment” says one long time participant.  Participants feel a great sense of pride in the community and many people observing show their gratitude.  

Be a part of something special!  For more information, visit: OR