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Trail Running over at Difficult Run – Wednesday Evenings through the Fall

If you have never tried trail running; you should.  Trail running generally takes place on hiking trails, most commonly single track trails, although fire roads are not uncommon.  Great Falls, Va offers wonderful trails for locals to use.  There are multiple routes available, inclines, declines, vistas, switchbacks, rocks, everything a trail runner can ask for.

The place:  Difficult Run Parking Lot (located between 495 and Old Georgetown Road)

The time: 6 pm

The course: We pick a course from the parking lot – sometimes we head west on flatter surfaces, and sometimes we head towards the visitors center for some hill work.

The pace:  Open to ALL – run at a pace that is most comfortable for you.

The distance:  Go as far as you would like.  Some run 3, some run 5, some run 8.  We will try to pair up runners as best we can pending your approximate pace and distance desired.  Beginners are welcome and we will make sure you know the general course.

The experience: LOVE it!   You will be hooked quickly.  You may require trail running shoes with firmer mid soles; but you can run in basic running shoes as well; more so if it hasn’t rained recently.  Bring a hydration bottle with your favorite energy drink and maybe a gu, or an energy bar.

How to sign up:

TIP OF THE DAY:  This place is only called “Difficult Run”; don’t be fooled by the name.  Come out and enjoy nature at it’s finest just minutes from downtown (without traffic)