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DC Capital Striders Volunteer at St. Paddy’s Day 8K

On a cold, brisk, early Sunday morning, the DC Capital Striders Running Group offered a slew of volunteers for the annual St. Paddy’s Day 8K road race.   If you have never volunteered at a race before; you should; plain and simple.  It is a great way to give back to the running community; to which we take so much from.

DC Capital Striders offers volunteers to many local races annually.   Come join us sometime; meet your fellow DCCS members; and see what goes on behind the scenes.

Tip of the Day:  If you are  runner, please say thank you to the volunteers AND when you are done drinking your water, don’t toss the cup at the feet of the volunteers; wait til you are past the water station and then drop it.  We promise to pick it up.


DC Trash Running

The DC Trash Running Group originating in 2009, an outreach project by Atayne, has provided many Washington DC parks and trails with a cleaner look.   Runners begin at a central location, bags and gloves in hand, and trek out a course of between 2 to 3 miles.   Participants collectively run, and then walk back to the starting location, picking up glass bottles, soda cans, and other various items along the trail.  The group recycles as much as possible and the rest is placed in trash bins/dumpsters along the course.

“It’s a great way to first meet new people, second get in a good run, and third clean up the environment” says one long time participant.  Participants feel a great sense of pride in the community and many people observing show their gratitude.  

Be a part of something special!  For more information, visit: OR


A 108 mile ride for Charity – Bike to the Beach –

Early morning, Friday July 29th, I along with approximately 350 others rode from Washington DC to Dewey Beach, Delaware for Bike to the Beach.   The Bike to the Beach is a fundraiser with donations given to Autism Speaks to aid in their tireless efforts to change the future for all who struggle with autism spectrum disorders.   I thank everyone for donating to this cause on my personal fundraising page.    The fundraiser raised a total of $300,000 for this event and their New York ride that takes place annually as well.

The Ride:

We started at approximately 4:45 am and rode from Gonzaga HS to the World War II Memorial in Annapolis, MD for the first portion of the ride (33.8 miles).   A wave of riders took off, with lights shining, up North Capitol Street, pass New York Avenue, over Lincoln Road, and off to Bladensburg Road crossing the Anacostia River.    After arriving at the World War II Memorial, riders were greeted and welcomed with orange slices, drinks, and bagels with various spreads.   The bikes were placed in trucks and riders were taken across the Bay Bridge and Kent Narrows Bridge approximately 25 to 30 miles into Maryland and dropped off on Route 404.   An application of sunscreen and off we were on our way to Dewey Beach, only 73 more miles to go.

Aid stations were scattered throughout the course at approximate 10 to 15 mile intervals.  Each aid station had volunteer staff who cheered, gave ice bags, various gels, energy products, and water/gatorade/powerade to refill our water bottles.   Their also were cycling repair staff on site to fix any bike repairs needed on course (and apparently many needed this during their ride).

After 108 miles, I was ready to get off my bike and suck down any cold beverage I could get my hand on at North Beach!

I will do this ride again next year and encourage others too as well!

Tip of the day:

When riding a century, either during training, or for various charities, ride with friends!  Not only do they make great company, but you can use each other, to break the headwind, and maintain a pretty steady pace.  Ron B. and Courtney F. were my friends on this day!

An 8K race to benefit Wounded Warrior Project, Back on my Feet, and High Cloud Foundation

On Saturday evening May 21, 2011; DC Capital Striders Running Group organized an 8K foot race to benefit three charities. These charities included Wounded Warrior Project, Back on my Feet, and High Cloud Foundation.  Approximately 225 runners registered for the running group’s third annual 8k to support various charities.   Sponsors included Explosive Performance, The Running Company, Atayne Products, Lunar Massage, Chadwick’s Pub, Sirius XM Radio, and Seal Team PT.  Volunteers were provided by Back on my Feet and food/beverages were provided by High Cloud Foundation.  Timing services were provided by Jay Wind with Marathon Charity Cooperation.

Last May 2010, the group held it’s 2nd annual 8K race and raised $3500 for the American Red Cross International Disaster Relief Fund for Haiti.

About DC Capital Striders Running Group

Founded by Rick Amernick in spring 2006, the running group is a community of runners in Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, and Maryland.   Runners  come together for group runs, annual races benefiting various charities, education and support, and social events.  The group makes a place for new runners and experienced athletes – out for fun and exercise, or training for races of all distances.

Current weekly runs are featured in Washington DC (Eastern Market; Stanton Park; Columbia Heights, Glover Park), and Virginia (Fairfax Corner, Belle Haven Park, Great Falls Park (Difficult Run), and Mclean VA.

We thank these running group leaders: Tom M., Jeff A., James B. Chris G., Evelyn L.; Ashleigh C., Lindsay M., Christine M., David R., Joe S., and Kirsten W.

Visit for more information on the running group and to visit the group’s weekly calendar of runs, seminars, and other social events.

Saturday Morning Training Run

This morning I woke up and thought I’d take it easy and give  my left hamstring a break.   I then turned on the tube and saw the movie “Prefontaine” on Showtime Extreme at 6 am.   Of course my eyes were peeled to the screen and seconds later I felt the itch.

Luckily, DC Capital Striders has a Saturday morning run minutes from my home.  I hop out of bed, grab my favorite running gear, and made the quick trip to Mcdonald’s to fuel up on oatmeal, which surprisingly is pretty darn good.  I then headed to the W & OD Trail in Vienna, VA near the caboose to meet up with Erica W and John L.    My garmin was ready to go, heart monitor attached, some orange flavored Gu brand chomps in my pocket and my Ipod shuffle on hand.

Today’s run consisted of 7 1/2 miles at an average pace of 9 1/2 minutes per mile.  I am signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon in the fall running for one of my favorite charites, High Cloud Foundation.

Tip of the day:  Make sure your Ipod has power before you roll out the door.  Mine died within the first few minutes of my run leaving me motivated to the sounds of birds chirping and Zip wheels passing me on the trail while hearing “on your left”.  On this day, I wasn’t saying, “on your left”, I was hearing it.

Stay tuned to this blog for updates on training for distance runs, various endurance events, and tips and tricks on being a better endurance athlete, and opportunites to serve and participate in various local fitness/endurance events.