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DC Capital Striders Volunteer at St. Paddy’s Day 8K

On a cold, brisk, early Sunday morning, the DC Capital Striders Running Group offered a slew of volunteers for the annual St. Paddy’s Day 8K road race.   If you have never volunteered at a race before; you should; plain and simple.  It is a great way to give back to the running community; to which we take so much from.

DC Capital Striders offers volunteers to many local races annually.   Come join us sometime; meet your fellow DCCS members; and see what goes on behind the scenes.

Tip of the Day:  If you are  runner, please say thank you to the volunteers AND when you are done drinking your water, don’t toss the cup at the feet of the volunteers; wait til you are past the water station and then drop it.  We promise to pick it up.


DC Capital Striders Volunteer at Alexandria Running Festival – May 2011

The DC Capital Striders Running Group volunteered at the Alexandria Running Festival Sunday May 29, 2011.  Race results are located here – Half Marathon; 5K.

We look forward to helping in 2012!

North Face Endurance Challenge and WeeklyTraining Runs

A few weeks ago (June 4 and 5) I, along with several DC Capital Striders friends and runners, had the opportunity to attend and participate in the North Face Endurance Challenge.  Several friends were running various distance events from 10K all the way up to the 50 miler.   This is one of my favorite weekends of the year!  

DC Capital Striders Running group secured a sponsorship with North Face recently and had the opportunity to have a tent at the race site for the weekend.    Members running included Chris G.; Jeff A.; James B,; Tom H., Tom M.; Theresa A.; Jeff A. and friends Autumn C and Adriana A.   Even though I wasn’t participating as a runner this weekend, the endorphins were flowing watching friends compete and accomplish such wonderful running feats.

Many local running favorites finished in the top three for the 50 mile race including Matt Woods, Jordan Mcdougal, and Michael Wardian.   Also featured on race weekend was ultramarathon favorite and North Face sponsored athlete Dean Karnazes.    I had the opportunity to meet him and also speak with the executive director of his foundation, Karno Kids.   DC Capital Striders may organize a spring race for Karno Kids with its mission to encourage, motivate, inspire youth to get outside and become physically active and to restore & preserve the environment for their use and enjoyment.

Join DC Capital Striders for weekly trail runs open to all runners at Great Falls park (Difficult Run) each Wednesday evening and on Saturday mornings at various locations around Washington DC.   Our hope to is organize a huge team for next year’s race – 2012! 

For more information, visit:  

Tip of the day:  Whether you are participating in an event as a runner, a friend, a motivator or a volunteer – you can still enjoy the experience.

DC Capital Striders Volunteer at DC Triathlon – June 19, 2011

I woke this morning shortly before 5 am welcoming the day and getting items together for the trek down to DC for the DC Triathlon; one of two major triathlons in DC each year.   DC Capital Striders was offering a team of volunteers at mile 3 on the run course in the 9th street tunnel.    I always enjoy volunteering at events such as this because it’s a great feeling giving back to the fitness community; which I take so much from.  

I met with approximately 20 DC Capital Striders volunteers bright and early.   We set up 4 tables, poured thousands of cups of both powerade and water and waited the arrival of thousands of triathletes.   The first to arrive were the age group amateur athletes and the first few that went by looked nothing like amateurs.  It’s amazing how fast someone can run after swimming 1500 meters and biking 40 kilometers!    I saw many friends from DC Triathlon Club and many others who I have trained with over the years.

After raking what seemed like thousands of cups; the professional triathletes were on their way.  You know when they are coming because they are led by a caravan of DC metro police officers and a biker making sure the course is clear.   Now, when I said the amateurs were fast, I meant it; but these athletes, wow!   They are like pure bred thoroughbreds whistling through the wind (of course there wasn’t any wind since we were in a tunnel, but you get the idea).  Some of them were passing our aid station at a 5 minute per mile pace.   All I can say is, I admire it.    

A few of our volunteers noticed one of the professional athletes who had gone down about 500 yards from our aid station.   Several of us quickly went into action and sprinted to this runner to assess the situation.   Once we arrived, we noticed he was breathing and conscious; indicating he was having a hard time breathing due to his asthma.  We quickly cooled him off, monitored him and the race first aid crew were notified.  They arrived within minutes and took the athlete back to the race start for medical care.

After all the athletes were finished their race, the aid station was cleared and about 6 of us went over to Capital Lounge for a post volunteering brunch.   A good day in DC all around and congrats to all DC Tri finishers!   I hope to see many of you at Nation’s Triathlon in the Fall!

Tip of the day:  Get the “Hangover” sandwich at Capital Lounge – even if you aren’t hung over it’s very good!  Who doesn’t like egg, cheese and bacon with jalapenos!