Trail Running – Great Falls, Virginia

trailrun5162012One of my favorite things to do is trail run.  Why do I like this?  Well, for starters, I enjoy nature!  There is nothing better then leaving work and being able to breathe fresh air, get away from traffic, take in the scenery, and feel the earth underneath your feet.   I started trail running around 4 years ago when a friend, Elyse Braner, called and asked if I would be a co-leader for a North Face Endurance Training Program.   We met a group of runners each Wednesday evening at Difficult Run (just off route 193 – Georgetown Pike) and Saturday mornings at Algonkian (out route 7 headed towards Ashburn). 

We trained runners to run distances anywhere between 10K and 50 mile and I met a great group of runners.  Since that time, I have run my own trail races, mainly through EX2 Adventure Backyard Burn Series, but also other endurance events.   I love the group of runners I meet with on a regular basis.  They not only inspire me to be a better runner, but give me a repreive from the daily grind of work each week.

I encourage anyone who is interested in trail running to come out and meet us.  It’s a great group of very friendly people, we are accommodating to runners of all ability levels, and I promise you if you give it some time, you will come to love the sport as much as I do.

Check us out at:

A photo from last year attached.


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